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Canoeing Wild Rivers, 30th Edition

By Cliff Jacobson 
352 pp; 200 color photographs; $29.95.
This is the fifth and final revision of Cliff Jacobson’s flagship book, formerly titled “Expedition Canoeing.” Long considered the premier text for wilderness canoeing and camping, this new full color edition has been heavily revised and expanded by more than 9,000 words. Though the focus remains on canoeing wild northern rivers, this new edition now includes chapters on desert and tropical canoeing. Canoes, equipment, maps and methods have been updated to reflect the latest trends.

Long distance Fly, Spin, Bait and Surf Casting

By Randy Kadish 
Saw Mill River Press; E-book; 86 pp; $2.99.
Randy Kadish never set out to write a book or even an article. Instead, he set out to become a better fly, surf, spin and spey caster. To do so, he studied casting techniques, immersing himself in articles, books and videos. But surprisingly he still couldn’t cast more than 70-feet. He wanted a casting coach, but without one experimented on his own, taking notes that turned into magazine stories and eventually this book.

Day Hikes Around Los Angeles (6th Edition)

By Robert Stone 
softcover; 544 pp.; 233 maps; $18.95.
Despite the widespread presence of the Los Angeles metropolis, there exists thousands of acres of natural, undeveloped land and countless out-of-way hiking trails. Hikes range from boardwalk strolls along the ocean, to shady canyon trails that lead to far reaching overlooks. Highlights include year-round waterfalls, wildlife preserves, lighthouses, Griffith Park (the country’s largest municipal park), quiet canyon trails, panoramic vistas of the city and coastline, the rugged terrain of the San Gabriel Mountains and hikes along the entire length of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Day Hikes Around San Luis Obispo

By Robert Stone 
softcover; 480 pp; 208 maps; $21.95.
San Luis Obispo County is located where the white sand beaches of Central California merge with the dramatic Big Sur coastline. The unique geography and a year-round temperate climate creates an outstanding hiking environment. The trails take the hiker along the scalloped Pacific coastline to secluded coves and tide pools, to rocky promontories along the chain of volcanic morros, through wetland sanctuaries, across massive sand dunes, and up cool interior canyons. Highlights include waterfalls, bluffs, long
stretches of beach, lighthouses, lakes, rivers and swimming holes. ♦

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