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60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Minneapolis And St. Paul, third edition

By Tom Watson
Menasha Ridge Press,, paperback, 260 pages, $17.95.
This decisive guide to day hikes in the Twin Cities’ area just got better. Updated maps, new hikes, new photos, and brand-new trailhead coordinates make Tom Watson’s authoritative guide even more useful than before. Within the seven county “metro” area that encompasses the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul lies a network of hundreds of miles of trails. Hikes were selected to be representative of the area, showcasing the park or region’s main attractions or personality. Some of these trails are broad, paved corridors through multi-use parks generously developed to provide a myriad of recreational opportunities for the young and old, the robust trekker, and the casual stroller.

Adventures with Jonny: Road Trip to the Parks

By Michael A. DiLorenzo
Running Moose Publications,, hardcover, 74 pages, illustrated, $17.95.
Jonny is back again for another outdoors adventure! Join him and his family on a camping and hiking trip to the national and federal parks. Search for challenging hidden items throughout the story. Discover the joys of camping, hiking and park animals. This book is hours of educational entertainment for your family road trip.

Best Tent Camping: Minnesota, second edition

By Tom Watson
Menasha Ridge Press,, paperback, 192 pages, $15.95.
The is a must-have guide to the best tent campgrounds Minnesota has to offer. This updated edition includes campground layout maps, directions to each campground, and
descriptive profiles. Unlike other guides which merely list all campgrounds, Best Tent Camping: Minnesota profiles in detail the best sites in the state for campers who seek the serene and secluded.

Guide to Advanced Turkey Hunting: How to Call and Decoy Even Wary Gobblers into Range

By Richard Combs
Skyhorse Publishing,, hardcover, 168 pages, $19.95.
With the help of this book, the persistent turkey hunter will begin to take birds he would never have taken, or even seen, a few years earlier. It will help developing hunters keep improving and taking more and tougher birds. With details on gun selection, calling, using decoys, scouting, and setting up ambush points, this practical guidebook will help you advance up the turkey hunting ladder.♦

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