Berkley Conservation Institute's Jim Martin Honored with BoatUS Foundation Environmental Leadership Award

PORTLAND, Ore., October 7,  2013 – Recycling used fishing line seems easy enough. Build some recycling line  containers or bins, install them at the water’s edge and teach anglers to put  the used line safely inside. Since 2008, the BoatUS Foundation has helped  install over 2,000 line-recycling bins at docks, ramps and boat clubs. But none  of this would be possible without a dedicated partner in the fishing industry  who is committed to collect all of the line and ensure it’s recycled. This  partner is Berkley Conservation Institute’s Jim Martin. Since 1990, Berkley has  recycled nine million miles of fishing line – enough to reach the moon and back  19 times. For his hard work, dedication and expertise, Martin, Conservation  Director with the Berkley Conservation Institute, is  honored with the 2013 BoatUS Foundation Environmental  Leadership Award. The award was presented at the 2013 States Organization  for Boating Access (SOBA) Conference this week in Portland, OR.
“The award recognizes those leaders in  the boating community who have made a significant impact advancing clean boating  and educating boaters about how they can minimize their environmental impacts,”  said BoatUS Foundation Vice President Susan Shingledecker. “Jim’s long-term  commitment to fishing line recycling has allowed the concept and the program to  really take hold nationwide. Fishing line can be a tough material to recycle,  so Berkley’s devotion to this program is noteworthy.”
Beyond Martin’s work with Berkley  Conservation Institute, he is currently the Chairman of the Policy Council of  the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership a leading organization working  to ensure hunting and fishing access for all Americans. He also is a science  and policy advisor for the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association and led  the development of the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds, a model state  conservation plan.
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