Assocation update for November

New Members

  • Patrick Baker
  • Ron Bennett
  • Curt J. Johnson
  • Elizabeth Mathieson
  • Kevin Presnell
  • James Workman

Proposed New Members

Abrego, Carmen, 651 Highpoint Circle, Rochester Hills, MI 48307. (H) 248-935-1936, Currently a student at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Abergo is involved with Sierra Club activities in Oakland County, Mich. and will be contributing articles to the Great Lakes Restoration project. Applying for Student Membership.
Huseman, Christopher, 1715 Springmeier Drive, Quincey, IL 62305. (H) 217-223-0406, (W) 217-223-2661, (F) 217-223-2661, Publisher of Tri-State Hunting magazine. Ph.D. candidate. President, Lusage Marketing. (Julie) Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Tony Dolle.

Reinstated Members

Patterson, Gregg, P.O. Box 31, Little Rock, AR 72203. (H) (501) 607-3793, Present editor of Front Porch and Arkansas Agriculture magazines for the nonprofit Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation. Longtime outdoors communicator. Former columnist for ESPN Outdoors, Sports Afield and Trout. 2003 OWAA Circle of Chiefs recipient. (Bobbi)

Credentials Reviews

The following members have successfully passed the review of their member credentials:

  • Lee Allen
  • Brandon Butler
  • P. J. DelHomme
  • Pat Ford
  • John Hairr
  • Eric J. Hansen
  • David Hendee
  • Jason L. Jenkins
  • Dennis Kamstra
  • John A. Keizer
  • David Kopel
  • Jeff A. Leonard
  • Will Leschper
  • Robert Loewendick
  • Marc Marcantonio
  • Bill May
  • Glenn Meyer
  • Angelo Peluso
  • Robert J. Romano
  • Javier Serna
  • Timothy Sherman
  • Robert “B.J.” Small
  • James Smedley
  • Charles J. Smick
  • Wm. Hovey Smith
  • Steve G. Suman
  • John Swinton
  • Don Vachini
  • Jacob W. VanHouten
  • John A. Walker

Status Change

The following member has reclassified his membership status:

  • John Pollman has been upgraded to Active Status.

Deceased Members

  • Eugene Seraphine, passed away Jan. 28, 2009.

Contact Updates


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