Aberdeen, SD Announces Winner of 2013 Million Dollar Pheasant Hunt

Aberdeen, SD – The Aberdeen Area was the place to be for the 2013 pheasant hunting season.  Now that pheasant hunting season has officially come to an end, it is time to announce the results from the Million Dollar Pheasant Hunt!  One hundred pheasants were banded and released this past fall in Brown County; each pheasant was valued at  $100-$500 but had the possibility of being worth up to $1,000,000! There were 31 bands turned into the Aberdeen Area Convention and Visitors Bureau office.  To see the complete list of band winners go to www.MillionDollarBird.com.
The winning “Million Dollar Pheasant Hunt” band number was randomly selected by our insurance carrier before the season began and was stored electronically in a tamper-proof device. All bands turned in were automatically entered to win the $1,000,000 prize. One numbered band was drawn and checked against the number stored in the electronic device.
The drawing took place on Friday, January 10th at 6:00 pm at the Ward Plaza Hotel.  The winning band number drawn was #61 turned in by Jeremy Weiseler.  The Million Dollar winning band number (stored electronically) was #26.  Unfortunately the two numbers did not match and Mr. Weiseler did not win the $1,000,000.  However, he did receive Winchester SX3 “Black Shadow”. This gun is the “Official Shotgun of the 2013 Million Dollar Pheasant Hunt”. The donated gun is courtesy of Winchester Firearms and the Aberdeen Hotel Alliance as a consolation prize.
The Aberdeen area had a successful hunting season this fall.  We hope that everyone was able to limit out and have fun participating in the Million Dollar Pheasant Hunt.  Aberdeen and the surrounding area pride themselves on having over 208,930 acres of public land and more than 150,000 acres of private hunting land.  Hunting is a tradition in this area and Aberdeen businesses roll out the “orange carpet” and their special Midwest hospitality to welcome our hunters.  From hotels to campgrounds to hunting lodges, Aberdeen has accommodations for everyone.  For a full listing of lodging availability go to www.HuntFishSD.com.  We hope all our hunters come back next fall to experience the rush of pounding wings, bright skies, and the cackle of roosters as they explode into the sky.
For more information on this promotion and hunting in the Aberdeen area, contact the Aberdeen Area Convention and Visitors Bureau at 605-225-2414, 1-800-645-3851, or caseyw@visitaberdeensd.com.  Or visit us online at www.HuntFishSD.com or www.VisitAberdeenSD.com.

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