2014 Conference Coverage: McAllen, Texas

The 87th annual OWAA conference was May 23-25, 2014, in McAllen, Texas. Here are some photos and testimonials from the event.

If you would like to download any of the photos taken by OWAA staff, high-resolution versions are available from our Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126060544@N06/.

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I’ve been to larger, longer and more heavily attended conferences, but McAllen had to be among my most enjoyable and rewarding. So glad I went — for so many reasons: the sessions, the food and new friends in a new area.”
— Terry Brady
… [T]his was my first OWAA conference, and I’m really glad that I came and made such great connections. Several other members and I have corresponded since the event, and I definitely feel that it was worth the time and expense to make the trip to McAllen and network with others in this highly specialized field. I found the sessions to be extremely interesting and informative, and I have a notepad nearly full of notes taken during the three-day conference! Thanks so much for putting on this highly useful event, and I look forward to being involved with OWAA throughout this year and seeing everyone again in Knoxville next summer!”
— Danielle Taylor
Professionals from around the country attend conference. I want to work with these professionals. Having their eyes and ears at conference gives me access to them that I would not gain any other way.  The working relationships I establish at conference are still in place long after conference ends, but conference sets the stage.”
— Kris Millgate


The McAllen program was one of the best I have been privileged to see in my 27 years as a member. Particularly memorable was the ‘Border vs. Wildlife’ session, which provided a wealth of information, sources and insight into a conservation issue of which few outdoors writers are aware.”
— Jim Low
This year was the first time my public relations firm Portavoce PR and my client SG-20 repair adhesive attended the OWAA Conference. As a new Supporting Group member we were welcomed with open arms and everyone was so grateful that we came. That felt good! The hands-on demonstration opportunities we had with the OWAA membership were incredibly valuable – both at the open air demo and at the hospitality suites. More outdoor media experienced SG-20 first hand at OWAA Conference than at any other event we’ve been to.  Since returning, I’ve corresponded with so many of my new OWAA connection and we’ve already seen editorial coverage of SG-20 which we are tremendously happy with!”
— Carla Vallone, SG-20


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