WI duck hunter pitches story for writers

“I am not a writer,” says Bryan Muche. “I’m just a duck hunter with a passion for the outdoors, wishing to remember and celebrate our hunting and fishing traditions and to share those traditions with future generations.”
“Please feel free to contact me for more information, high-resolution images for possible publication. I hope [someone in OWAA is insterested] in participating or covering our upcoming Horicon Hunt which is planned the last week in November of 2011.”
Muche would like to pitch the following story idea to any interested writer:
A nostalgic hunt in the Horicon Marsh

  • An old duck hunter having a strong family connection to the area will be hunting with vintage and or locally made gear, clothing, duck skiff and decoys.
  • Significance to reader or viewer: A unique hunt, a famed hunting location, strong Wisconsin connections and interesting history associated with many of the antiques during the hunt.

Background interviews:

  1. Horicon Marsh Visitors Center, Horicon, Wisc. DNR. (Brief history and explanation of the significance of the Horicon Marsh.)
  2. Pre-hunt interview at Burnett Ditch boat launch. (Explaining Hunter’s motivation for this nostalgic hunt.)
  3. Interview of hunter’s 80-year-old relatives at foundation of the “old family” homestead within the Horicon Wildlife Refuge. (Providing a family connection with the marsh.)
  4. Interview outside of Waupon Prison with Pat Walker. (Describing the “duck skiff’s” history in the Walker family and it’s relationship with a state prison break in 1943.)
  5. Interview with descendants of Dan Kidney, the boat manufacturer in Depere, Wisc. (Providing a background about the duck skiff and the company that built it.)
  6. Interview with St. Norberts College. (Describing the unique inverted “hull shape” church design, which was built by boat builder Dan Kidney due to a shortage of contractors in the area. Relevancy/significance to story TBD.)
  7. Phone Interview with Filson Clothing Co. (A long-time U.S. supplier of clothing and outerwear for outdoorsmen, their hunting jacket and hats will be used in the hunt.)
  8. Interview with former Herter’s (Beaver Dam) employee or knowledgeable Cabela’s representative (Cabela’s bought Herter’s). (Sharing the history of Herter’s and the locally made decoys which are used in the hunt.)
  9. Post-hunt  shore lunch interview. (Day’s recap, emphasizing importance of continuing our hunting and fishing heritage, making new memories and outdoor connections our younger generation.)
  10. Closing with the old duck hunter rowing the skiff away from camera into marsh with two teenage daughters.

You can reach Muche at 608-295-7755 or bryan@greenbottleusa.com.

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