JOB: Tight Line Media now hiring

Based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, the region’s most ambitious multimedia production house is now hiring. Award-winning outdoor journalist Kris Millgate started Tight Line Media in 2006 with the launch of the outdoor TV news segment “Time OUT with Kris Millgate.” In just five years, Tight Line Media grew from producing news content on a local level to orchestrating documentaries on a national level. Millgate now needs more minds in the mix to meet the needs of clients on the news side and the production side.
Right now:

  • Media sales manager

Down the road:

  • Social media manager
  • Office manager
  • Video editors
  • Videographers

Requirements for media sales manager listing:

  1. High energy level and aggressive attitude toward sales
  2. Produce immediate, realistic comission-based sales results
  3. Telephone skills and knowledge of business procedures
  4. Ability to create and maintain excellent business and client relations.
  5. Goal-oriented self-starter who works independently.

Sales and media experience preferred.
All listings require the candidate to maintain the highest ethical standards while maintaining the exceptional level of quality Tight Line Media customers expect.
Serious inquiries only:

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