The Retriever Journal

The Retriever Journal is published bimonthly in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Emphasizing the tradition of hunting with dogs, The Retriever Journal concentrates exclusively on the retrieving breeds. They look for where to go pieces, dog-training techniques, well-illustrated photo essays on some aspect of dogs, upland shooting or waterfowl hunting, advice for competitors in any category, and breed pieces, although not many of these are used. Because The Retriever Journal is targeted to experienced dog owners and hunters, those who write for them must also be experienced. There is an ongoing need for shorter featurettes and filler pieces, such as training tips, vet tips and quotable quotes. These should be 150-1,000 words. Features should be 1,500 to 2,000 words and focus on the use of retrievers in hunting and training situations. Features should be accompanied by appropriate illustration, either slides or prints or high resolution digital. Article payment varies between $100 to $400, inclusive of photos supplied by author. Photographs are usually supplied with features and fillers, but are occasionally purchased separately for file use and for regular inside illustration to support stories. High-quality digital photos (taken with a 4 megapixel camera or higher, set at the highest resolution) or 35mm slides are preferred, but color and black and white prints are also accepted. Digital photos need to be 300 dpi and correspond to a physical size of at least 3-by- 5-inches. Please submit on a CD accompanied by thumbnail printouts. Inside stock photo use payment is $50 to $75 and cover photos are $400 (covers may vary between photos and paintings). The Retriever Journal purchases First North American serial rights. Kill fees are paid to OWAA standards. Send queries and submissions to Managing Editor Jason Smith, available at

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