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Mike Zlotnicki

mike-zlotnicki-testimonialMy association with OWAA. has been beneficial in many ways. The friendships I have developed give me contacts and sources in most areas of the country. The annual conferences are educational and entertaining.

The Excellence in Craft contests have been especially rewarding. I have worked for organizations that placed a lot value on professional recognition. The EIC helped me legitimize my place in the newsroom and also in my current job in state government. Any outdoor communicator would benefit from membership in OWAA.

  • Mike Zlotnicki, associate editor, Wildlife in North Carolina, member since 1996
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Matt Soberg

matt-soberg-testimonial“I joined OWAA as a young writer searching for the network, knowledge and resources necessary to sustain my profession in the outdoor media industry. After years of membership, I am proud to report that the benefits received have advanced my passion for the outdoors and conservation to levels I never expected. OWAA can help make this happen for you too! I am honored to be a member of a proactive organization that is the powerful voice for the future of outdoor media, conservation and the traditions we cherish.”

Matt Soberg, editor and director of communications, Ruffed Grouse Society, member since 2011

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Tim Mead

“I imagine it was vanity that encouraged me to join OWAA 27 years ago. Horace Carter said I should and he would sponsor me. From the time I was in high school one of my latent desires was to be an outdoor writer. And here was one of the best saying I would fit in. In those years, I’ve gained a great deal from my membership. Several editors unfamiliar with my work told me my credentials got me past the original editorial doubt toward new writers. Doubtless there were others as well. Some articles and photos I sold were successful because I learned from peers, at a conference or through the pages of Outdoors Unlimited, how they handled problems. Many tricks of the trade I learned in side conversations at conferences…Personal friendships have also been a plus as a result of my OWAA membership. Homer Circle became someone I always enjoyed chatting with as I got to know him better. Bodie McDowell is another…There are dozens more.

OWAA has been a good deal for me.”

Tim Mead, freelance journalist, member since 1987

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Paul Queneau

paul-queneau-testimonial“Since I joined OWAA nearly a decade ago and attended my first conference, it has proven to be my single best resource for hiring capable freelancers, networking with other editors, staying abreast of conservation issues and finding freelance work for my spare time. The organization is filled with inspiring professionals that are also just plain great people. I’m proud to call myself a member.”

Paul Queneau, conservation editor, Bugle magazine, member since 2007

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Andy Whitcomb

andy-whitcomb-testimonial“There is a wise saying, ‘you get better competing against the best.’ My membership with OWAA has given me the chance to meet, learn, network, and compete against the best writers and other professionals passionate about the outdoors.  It has been a tremendous resource.”

Andy Whitcomb, freelance writer and blogger, member since 2012

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Peter Schroeder

peter-schroeder-testimonial“Over the years at the annual OWAA conferences, I have met editors who gave me many assignments and have learned practical, hands-on craft improvement tips in our workshops as well as in OWAA’s Outdoors Unlimited magazine. As a 20-year member, I now have many colleague-friends across the country with whom I can exchange ideas and markets.”

Peter Schroeder, travel and outdoor writer, member since 1994

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Brett Prettyman

brett-prettyman-testimonial“Being a member of OWAA does more than provide unique story ideas, opportunities to increase skills and grant access to impressive contacts. Being a member also leads to lifetime friendships with peers. Joining OWAA as a young outdoor communicator was one of the best career choices I made and it came on the advice from a longtime member.”

Brett Prettyman, Past President, member since 1992

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Paul Smith

paul-smith-testimonial“When I joined OWAA 20 years ago, I had just crossed a career threshold – I turned away from an office job and followed my love of the outdoors. The transition was scary but led to full-time work as an outdoors writer and photographer. I’m not big on absolutes, but here’s one that has proven itself for two decades: the networks, relationships and skills I developed by joining OWAA and attending OWAA conferences were the most important to my new career.”

Paul Smith, outdoors editor, (Milwaukee) Journal Sentinel, member since 1995

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