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Tim Mead

“I imagine it was vanity that encouraged me to join OWAA 27 years ago. Horace Carter said I should and he would sponsor me. From the time I was in high school one of my latent desires was to be an outdoor writer. And here was one of the best saying I would fit in. In those years, I’ve gained a great deal from my membership. Several editors unfamiliar with my work told me my credentials got me past the original editorial doubt toward new writers. Doubtless there were others as well. Some articles and photos I sold were successful because I learned from peers, at a conference or through the pages of Outdoors Unlimited, how they handled problems. Many tricks of the trade I learned in side conversations at conferences…Personal friendships have also been a plus as a result of my OWAA membership. Homer Circle became someone I always enjoyed chatting with as I got to know him better. Bodie McDowell is another…There are dozens more.

OWAA has been a good deal for me.”

Tim Mead, freelance journalist, member since 1987

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