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Brent Frazee

brent-frazee-testimonial“When I joined OWAA in the early 1980s, I remember asking myself, “How could this organization possibly help me?” Yeah, I was skeptical. But now, as one of the graybeards in OWAA, I think I’m well-qualified to answer that question. For me, OWAA inspires and keeps my fire for outdoors writing burning.

It provides a chance to interact with and exchange ideas/problems with the most talented outdoors communicators in the nation. It has taken me to conferences in beautiful locations across the country. It has expanded my horizons through seminars at those conferences. It has given me a chance to see how my work stacks up in Excellence in Craft contests. And it has helped me form new friendships with communicators across the country. ”

Brent Frazee, former outdoors editor, Kansas City Star, member since 1980

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