South Dakota magazine seeks hunting, fishing and conservation content

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South Dakota Outdoors is currently a quarterly magazine focused on hunting, fishing and conservation in the state of South Dakota. It is published by the Capital Journal newspaper in Pierre, SD.
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South Dakota Outdoors magazine is looking for quality editorial content related to hunting, fishing and conservation. The magazine’s leadership prefers to focus on South Dakota but does not limit itself. Our readers span the gamut from weekend warriors who hunt and fish when they have time to dedicated outdoors people who build their lives around their favorite outdoor pursuits. We feel we provide the best value to our readers first by telling great stories about what they love to do and secondly by informing them about the science of and politics surrounding conservation.
We are not afraid of long-form journalism, we encourage it. That being said, a long piece without some art to support it is tough for many readers to get through. That’s why we’ll pay for both the writing and photography or illustration.
We are primarily interested in non-fiction but quality short fiction may be accepted.
We also will accept standalone photographs and photo essays.
We are not looking for video at this time.
Contact info:
Nick Lowrey
(605) 224-7301

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