Senior Communications Specialist

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The communications department of Ducks Unlimited, Inc. seeks an experienced, full-time senior communications specialist with a strong background in television, film and other forms of video asset management. The successful candidate will have excellent command of the English language; strong, proven writing and editing skills; and proficiency with Microsoft Office software. The candidate must be an outgoing and energetic self-starter who is detail-oriented, with the ability to handle multiple projects concurrently – and meet regular deadlines for each. Excellent communications skills, as well as video program management skills, are a core requirement, and the candidate must be able to work as part of a television show and digital film production team.
Responsibilities & Duties

  • Write and edit press releases, scripts, newsletters, action alerts, web articles, social media content and other communications
  • Distribute press materials and other external communications to national, regional, state and local media
  • Place stories in national media outlets, arrange and/or conduct interviews, and support DU’s overall media relations efforts
  • Serve as DU technical expert, production manager and production company/network liaison for the DU TV show as well as for DU Films and other programs
  • Develop, schedule and write impactful and interesting story content for DU TV episodes as well as for the DU Films and other film projects in coordination with external production company staff\
  • Work with production company/network advertising staff to attract sponsors to DU TV, DU Films and other film projects
  • Work with DU Creative Director to develop magazine ads and other marketing materials for DU TV, DU Films and other film projects
  • Manage DU TV, DU Films and other film project Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media communications, and coordinate the posting of content on the DU TV and DU Films pages
  • Identify and logistically support DU TV shoot locations, and develop and plan storylines and executive summaries for 13 or more DU TV shows as well as for DU Films and other digital film episodes each filming season
  • Work with DU staff, volunteers, sponsors and partners on DU TV, DU Films and other film project promotions
  • Represent DU at various events, conferences, video shoots and media outings, as assigned
  • Other duties as assigned 
  • Some travel required

The successful candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, public relations, communications or a related field with 5-7 years of verifiable experience preferred. Excellent writing and editing skills are mandatory. Television and video content production and management experience is mandatory. Familiarity with wetlands and waterfowl biology and management, as well as with waterfowling culture and practices, is also important. 
A high level of creativity and the ability to learn and adapt quickly to Ducks Unlimited’s fast-paced, results-oriented organizational culture will be essential. The ideal candidate will be team oriented, organized, dependable, flexible, goal-oriented, articulate, courteous and discreet. Strong research and analytical skills are important. The ability to turn complex technical material into accessible and compelling writing and television programming is essential. 
Experience working with volunteers and an understanding of the natural resources/conservation field, as well as waterfowling culture, are a plus. The position is located in Memphis, TN, at DU’s national headquarters and reports to the Director of Communications.
To apply Please fill out the application materials on this link:, attach cover letter detailing experience and interest in the position, and resume. For further information regarding this position or to request application materials, please contact Deanna McAdory at

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