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The Ruffed Grouse Society, which recently celebrated 50 years of conservation, and would like to invite writers to add their work to RGS’s publication, a quarterly issue. Everything bird dogs, grouse and woodcock hunting, firearms and topics relevant to the conservation world are relevant to RGS’s membership. This is a great opportunity for new outdoor writers who desire to be published in a reputable, well-known and widely distributed publication.
Please note that first-time writers must submit a piece in its entirety prior to acceptance. Previously published work will not be considered.
The RGS magazine mission is to update readers on the developing issues concerning the American woodcock and ruffed grouse. The magazine strives to entertain as well as provide the means of education for young hunters. By highlighting RGS chapter events and calling readers to action, RGS gives members a voice in its young-forest conservation efforts.
Feature articles are accepted in the following categories: hunt stories, how-to, bird dogs, conservation, shotguns, fiction and related subjects. Submissions should be approximately 2000 words, and be accompanied by a variety of photos or relevant images. The magazine is also interested in shorter items covering any of the topics listed above. Length may range from 500 to 1000 words. All submissions are on speculation. Before submitting a manuscript, it is best to send a written proposal outlining the article, including information sources. New writers are encouraged to include a list of published work or a brief writer’s bio when writing to the editor.
The Ruffed Grouse Society claims first North American rights to stories and photos published in the RGS magazine, and will not use artwork or articles that have been published previously unless agreed upon. Rights may be reassigned upon request. The Ruffed Grouse Society retains the right to republish purchased material.
Generally, writers with a published feature story may receive up to $275 (2000 words), published short up to $175 (1000 words). Writers may elect to add a feature paragraph, 30 words or less, at the end of the piece in lieu of payment. All agreements arranged on a case by case basis, at editor’s discretion. All photographs will be credited to the photographer. Cover photographs may be accompanied by a 100 word paragraph. Payment for photographs arranged at editor’s discretion.
At least 10 images should accompany every feature. DIGITAL IMAGES ARE PREFERRED, but high-quality color prints are acceptable. Please submit images on a disk, through email or in the mail. Be sure to include contact information. (Digital images should be at least 300 dpi, and submitted in a JPEG or TIFF format). Photos and illustrations should be relevant to article subject matter. In scenes depicting hunting situations, everyone should be wearing blaze orange vests and hats. No cigarettes or alcoholic beverages in the picture. Basic firearm safety should be observed. Write your name and address on every print. Material should be protected in proper packaging for mailing. Number all photos and include identification and/or captions for each. Solicited stories and photos will not be returned.
Manuscripts should be submitted in 12 point Times Roman, flush left, in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format. Grammar and mechanics should follow current Associated Press guidelines. The magazine accepts manuscripts on CDs sent to Anna Stubna, Editor, 415 McCormick Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108; or as an email attachment sent to annas@ruffedgrousesociety.org.

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