RBFF request for proposals

RBFF seeks boating and fishing subject matter experts. Deadline: April 4, 2011.
The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) is seeking boating and fishing subject matter experts who have a demonstrated track record of writing and publishing content for consumer audiences.
RBFF is an independent nonprofit organization. Their organizational mission is to implement an informed, consensus-based national outreach strategy that will increase participation in recreational fishing and boating and thereby increase public awareness and appreciation of the need for protecting, conserving, and restoring this nation’s aquatic resources.
TakeMeFishing.org is the centerpiece of their national outreach campaign. They are currently expanding the content offered to make the website a livelier, more dynamic online destination updated with the latest news, information, and media about the fishing and boating industry.
Their objective is to continually deliver, in compelling ways, content that helps recreational fishers and boaters learn, plan and equip for a day on the water.
TakeMeFishing.org has a need for the following types of digital content to help achieve this objective:

  • Blog content
  • Web content
  • E-newsletters
  • Tweets and Facebook posts
  • Fishington nessages and discussions (Fishington is TakeMeFishing.org’s social network)
  • Podcasts and video vignettes
  • Press releases
  • Other writing as assigned

They are looking for subject matter experts (writers) who can provide this kind of content that supports consumer engagement outreach efforts for the Take Me Fishing campaign.
Writers/subject matter experts should possess:

  1. 5+ years’ experience editing/writing, including for online audiences
  2. A strong knowledge of the fishing and boating industry
  3. An ability to write heds and deks, as well as select and gather digital artwork and photos and write captions
  4. An ability to produce and edit audio and video a major bonus
  5. A grasp of how digital content and social media is used to foster online (and offline) community
  6. Ability to work independently and meet deadlines
  7. Samples that demonstrate writing ability, especially for the fishing and boating industry (blogs, newsletters, news articles, web content, social media postings, press releases, etc.)

For more details, download RBFF’s request for proposals.

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