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John Madson Fellowship

The application process for the 2020 John Madson Fellowship program opens on Jan. 1, 2020.

To apply, go to

OWAA’s John Madson Fellowship provides funding to attend educational opportunities, including the OWAA annual conference. Educational programs do not have to be OWAA-organized programs. The Fellowship is open to OWAA members and non-members.

The fellowship is funded through the John Madson Fellowship Fund, an endowment composed primarily of OWAA member contributions and fundraising efforts. Its goal is to enhance professional communication skills for OWAA members and non-members. Funds are invested and managed by OWAA Endowment trustees.

This is a competitive awards process.

Applicants are required to submit a cover letter explaining their need and proposal for continuing education, an itemized budget of miscellaneous expenses, and include a sample of their work (published article or photos, tape of broadcast program, etc.).

The judging committee will select and announce recipients and confirm funding amounts.

After attending the OWAA annual conference or other educational programs, fellowship recipients will submit receipts for reimbursement. Miscellaneous expenses must be itemized.

This program is designed to honor the legacy of John Madson, one of OWAA’s most talented, respected and honored legends.

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