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Honorary Awards

Excellence in Craft Award

The Excellence in Craft Award was initiated in 1971 to honor an OWAA member “for outstanding effort in upholding the OWAA Creed and continued excellence in craft.” Recipients are selected by past Excellence in Craft Award recipients.

Ham Brown Award

The J. Hammond Brown Memorial Award was initiated in 1966 as OWAA’s most prestigious recognition of a member for “devoted past service to the organization over a period of continuous years.” Ham Brown awardees are granted life membership. Past recipients of the J. Hammond Brown Memorial Award constitute the selection committee.

Jackie Pfeiffer Memorial Award

The Jackie Pfeiffer Memorial Award honors the special qualities Jackie brought to OWAA and into the personal lives of members. It encourages everyone to exhibit these qualities in their lives. Recipients exemplify Jackie’s genuine warmth and radiance, goodwill, helpfulness, generosity and kindness to others, especially at conference. OWAA members and spouses are eligible. The selection committee consists of past Jackie Pfeiffer Memorial Award recipients.

Jade of Chiefs Award

The Jade of Chiefs Award was established in 1958 as OWAA’s top conservation award. Tenure and position in, or service to, OWAA is not criteria for this award. The Jade Award represents an affirmation of OWAA adherence to, and support of, the principles of conservation. In 1963 the Circle of Chiefs was designated as OWAA’s Conservation Council. As such, it is OWAA’s conservation conscience.

Outstanding Board Member

Mike Cramond, during his tenure on the Board of Directors, felt that outstanding board members should be recognized in a special way. In 1974 and 1975, he presented four board members with jade bolo ties as a memento of service to OWAA. The board continued the bolo tradition until 1985. A plaque is now presented. Fellow board members select recipients.

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