Photo call at Orion Magazine

Outdoor Market photoDear photographers, artists, & creatives,
We are working on several issues right now and hope that you will submit your work to Orion.
1. We need a cover for our special summer double issue ASAP! The theme of this issue is “Journeys” and I am looking for an eclectic, non-traditional interpretation of the traditional “travel issue” idea – an image that combines the delight and mystery of travel, the promise of spring (a long time coming for many of us), the idea of moving/traveling/journey/beyond. We like simple, arresting, positive, clean, uplifting, colorful, new and yet timeless pictures that fill us with awe and wonder. Keep in mind the empty space where the Orion logo goes…Please put “cover ” in your subject line.
2. For our September/October issue, we are working on a special section devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. I would like to see photographs (please no photo shopping, oversaturating) of these places – -unusual perspectives, with people, and without. Essays range from the personal to the current state of Wilderness, to debates on how me manage our wilderness. Submission of projects or portfolios of work are especially encouraged. Show me your best! Please limit your submissions to 15 low resolution jpgs. Please put “Wilderness” in subject line.
* * * * ONGOING * * * *
TABLE OF CONTENTS: A double-page spread with plenty of space for text. Must be 18.5″ wide at 300 dpi. Write “TOC” in subject field.
PICTURE ESSAYS AND PORTFOLIOS: Orion needs strong visual features that say, “We think differently about how we live on the planet and the relationships between nature, culture, and place.” Work that not only shows but explores and, especially, interprets is ideal. We need both narrative picture essays (featuring the story), and artistic portfolios (featuring the artist/work). We can use short pieces (several images) or full-length feature (8-10 pages’ worth). Our readers want to stay informed yet also inspired, This is important to show the ways that people are making a difference. “Portfolio/Picture Essay” goes in subject line.
Format for Submissions
Note: Address for submissions is
E-mail is best.
DO NOT send massive files for review. Fit the images to 800-1000px longside and save them as medium-quality jpegs. This should make it easy enough to e-mail even large batches. Please keep the individual messages below 10MB.
In all cases, please DO NOT send anything I have to return. We have a long lead time and often hold stuff we can’t use now for later use. I don’t have an assistant to process all that stuff. Just things I can keep, please. And, rest assured that we’ll always get in touch regarding permissions and usage (we even pay fairly) and I always request final files before we publish anything.
Thank you!
Christina Lane
Picture Editor | Orion

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