OWAA Member Seeks Coyote Photographs for Upcoming Book

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Photographs Needed for Coyote Hunting Book
Author Michael Huff is seeking professional quality photographs appropriate for his upcoming book about coyote hunting.  Interested photographers are encouraged and welcome to send him images for consideration.  In text photographs as well as a cover photograph are needed.  He can be reached at:  paghuff@gmail.com.
  • High resolution color photographs. 
  • Minimum 300 DPI. 
  • Preferably a CMYK profile or untagged in a generic color space.
  • Book size 6″ x 9″ (estimated bleed .0125″).
  • Images at 100% flattened to one layer JPEG formatted.
  • Photos of successful hunters with coyotes, hunters in the field in pursuit of coyotes, coyote hunting gear, etc…
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