OWAA Directory photo call

DEADLINE is noon on May 25, 2012
I’m accepting submissions for the 2012-13 OWAA Directory cover.
Electornic submissions are preferred. Upload via secure drop box: https://www.yousendit.com/dropbox?dropbox=owaa-editor. You can also submit photos by email. Postal mail submissions must arrive at HQs on May 25.
I’m looking for that “perfect shot.” No hotspots or out-of-focus subjects.
Preferred photograph subject matter: fauna (excluding birds and fish)
You’re welcome to submit something that doesn’t fall in this category, but please, no fish or coastal/water scenic because a similar scene was featured on last year’s cover.
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Submissions must meet all requirements below:

  • Vertical color photograph
  • 8.75- by 11.25-inches at 300 dpi (high-resolution)
  • Please send hi-res images only. Low-res images will not be considered.
  • Clean area at top of image for Directory title.


I look forward to receiving your submissions! And again, deadline is noon on Friday, May 25.
OWAA Editor Ashley Schroeder


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