Outside Bozeman

This seasonal publication explores and celebrates the outdoor world of southwest Montana, from the dramatic beauty of the landscape and the innumerable recreational possibilities to the issues surrounding its use and the wide range of lifestyles it engenders. Feature articles on outdoor activities and adventure, personal narratives, area or event descriptions, environmental and conservation issues, humorous essays and historical anecdotes are all fair game. Query Mike England at editor@outsidebozeman.com first. Pay is 10 to 15 cents per word and one-time print rights are purchased including publication on the website. The magazine also welcomes photographs that capture the beauty, majesty, and excitement of the Bozeman area. Payment for photos ranges from $25 to $200 for a cover shot. E-mail photos to photos@outsidebozeman.com. For a look at the editorial calendar and more submission details, visit http://outsidebozeman.com/guidelines.php.

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