Outdoors NW

Magazine seeks regional material.

Outdoors NW has been a resource for outdoor enthusiasts living in the Pacific Northwest and looks specifically for stories from Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The monthly magazine covers outdoor sports with stories on outdoor recreation, travel, health as well as product reviews and profiles. They do not cover hunting or fishing. No essays, opinion pieces or cartoons. Stories with photographs or illustrations are preferred, but should be discussed with the editor before submission. High resolution digital photos at 300 dpi or larger are preferred. The editor will not necessarily read or respond to unsolicited manuscripts. Queries, either via mail (with writing samples, resumes and SASEs) or e-mail work much better and must include a word count, suggested headline, a list of resources (including books, websites and organizations relating to the subject at hand) and a one-sentence bio. Outdoors NW buys one-time rights exclusive in our market and pays upon publication. The payment schedule range from $100 for news articles, $25 for news briefs, $125 for cover photos and $50-$75 for illustrations. The editor can be reached at editor@outdoorsnw.com, (206) 418-0747. Contributor guidelines can be found at http://www.outdoorsnw.com/c_aboutus/about_employment.cfm.

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