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BeAlive digital media & video entertainment network has an exciting opportunity for several Video Journalist (VJ) in the field to deliver on Daily breaking and Weekly big news.
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BeAlive digital media & video entertainment network has an exciting opportunity for several Video Journalist (VJ) in the field to deliver on Daily breaking and Weekly big news.
Make your mark in video journalism through our branded BeAlive NEWS series and digital video entertainment network aimed at Outdoor Sports, Action, Adventure, and Active lifestyles through the digital generation’s eye and voice. BeAlive is a new media and digital video entertainment network dedicated to the outdoor-enthusiast obsessed culture, adventure sports, and active lifestyles for millennials.  If you are the next or current award-winning video journalist with an unstoppable passion for Outdoor Sports including Fishing, Game, Survival, and Outdoor Adventure and are looking to cover big news and small news alike, special interest topics and in-the-moment trending stories, live news, tournaments and festivals, and lifestyle related stories –BeAlive VJ opportunities are for you.
Your responsibilities as a BeAlive VJ will include sourcing seasonal and current topics, reporting, shooting and editing news stories, enterprising story ideas, developing contacts, and traveling as needed, as well as other responsibilities as assigned. We are not looking to do what’s been done before – we want authentic, unique perspectives, and the next talent who is dreaming of putting their own passions together with their career skills.
This is a three-month contract position with the ability to turn it into the career of your dreams for those that demonstrate they can be both an authentic- Outdoor culture subject matter expert and know how to build social influence and audience following. This position will source and cover breaking news and conduct real-time reporting through distributed digital platforms. They will work closely with BeAlive producers and assist in production of social videos.
We’re seeking people who has can easily find, unpack and report breaking news through video online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Snap, and Instagram. Can you explain news events, cover the important details, drive a unique perspective and point of view as they happen –  in a relatable and thought-provoking way? Are you a social community superstar? Are you able to confirm and debunk reports while explaining to an audience how you did it? Are you a lifetime angler, weekend warrior, outdoor athlete, or the avid deer hunter – and can tell a good story on camera? Are you that journalist who will pitch a tent in search of finding access to the bass fishing hole? That’s the type of VJ’s we’re looking for.  If you wear a suit or only wear camo and orange or are afraid to fall off the boat while catching the best angle of the story, this isn’t for you.  BeAlive will cover end to end News broadly across many outdoor topics, and go deep into key vertical topics as we grow.
A successful candidate should be self-driven, confident, well-spoken, engaging, and highly motivated, the type who is willing to jump on whatever happens that day. They can easily walk audiences through a story on camera as they report it live; and have a dedication to sharing knowledge through social video is imperative. Direct newsroom isn’t a requirement, but we need you to sort out facts from fiction, and use a reporter’s sensibility.  Basic video editing including the ability to cut your storyline, overlay titles, and other creative formats is a must.
 VJ’s on the BeAlive network will have a unique perspective, make it heard, and are passionate about any number of topics that we cover. We will constantly try new story forms and are striving for a different kind of video / social journalism aimed at Millennials.
Because we’ll be covering breaking news, we need freelance journalists who embrace working flexible hours, yet have the urgency to deliver when it matters. Because this is a new media & entertainment network, the amount of coverage will grow along with you.  This is a great opportunity to take a leading role in shaping what awesome looks like.
This contract position is remote, part-time, delivering video coverage frequency 2 times per week, reporting to the Head of Production and Programming. It is currently a three-month contract, but will have the potential for evolving into long-term work.
* Weekly: Report on news as it breaks across the world on social networks.
* As Needed: Collaborate with relevant Influencers and Experts to report on and give context to breaking and Outdoor-seasonal news
* Monitor: Real-time news, topical stories, and sniff out the most important and fascinating stories that can be translated to social video. Turn trending topics into video news stories.
* Discover, verify and obtain permission for assets in a thoughtful way that helps build better social videos
* Balance long-term special projects in addition to weekly coverage
* Effectively communicate to our newsroom and to our audience what we do and do not know about a story
* Work closely with BeAlive to translate social stories into shareable video
* Demonstrate fast news judgement on an ongoing basis
* Experiment with new ways of informing and engaging our audiences on social platforms
* We are looking for 1 VJ on each: East Coast, Midwest, MidSouth, and West Coast to cover Fishing, Wildlife, Adventure, and Survival
* A record of original storytelling and breaking news on digital-social platforms
* Experience working in deadline-driven reporting or storytelling environment
* Demonstrated audience-building and leadership in online community-building on either YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Snap
* Excellent communication skills, and the ability to work remotely
* A passion for empathetic, compassionate storytelling
* Able to work occasional late nights as needed by the news cycle
* Strong news judgement and writing skills
* Attention to detail and accuracy is a must
* Strong preference for candidates who can relate to our audience target demographic
* Ability to multi-task and keep track of fast-moving, fast-changing elements of breaking stories
Similar social video news reporting styles for reference before applying:
Cheddar News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbDnpSqDokU
This Week on Vice News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tneiTPt3MbUThe
Vice News Tonight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50wPeEfRFQI
The Players Tribune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbDnpSqDokU
We’d love to hear from you: Send us a resume and please link to 3-5 pieces of work — whether formal clips, Storifys, Video News, or others you think shows us your ability to tell unusual, engaging stories through social /digital video platforms. Your cover letter should address your Outdoor enthusiast experience – and how that came about; your experience in social storytelling, and online community-building, as well as your personal philosophy regarding the roles that social media, social video and online communities should play in journalism.  Send resume to vj@bealivenetwork.com

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