Playgrounds Of The World

Playgrounds Of The World is a TV series on travel. They always travel with 2-3 travel writers, specific to the topic of their TV shows.
Playgrounds Of The World is producing several shows in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic in the next few months (and the Caribbean, Africa and Egypt later in the year), and are looking for WELL connected luxury, golf, yacht/sport fishing, vacation homes and/or adventure travel writers to travel with them (all expenses paid). They will visit hotels and restaurants, and travel off-the-beaten-path to partake in many outdoor activities (diving, caving, zip-lining, hiking ruins, jeep tours, etc., and well as fishing, yachting and golf), a true adventure.
The TV show is looking for journalists who can have their articles published (guaranteed) in relevant, far-reaching print and online publications, and who can also post on numerous review and blog sites.
If you are interested, please contact President and Executive Producer Cindy Ferguson with your credentials (writer, photographer, videographer), links to online articles and websites, and where you can place your articles when traveling with Playgrounds Of The World. Contact info: Cindy Ferguson, President, Laguna Beach, Calif., 949-497-6515,,

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