Wisconsin Trails

The bimonthly publication showcases the travel destinations, outdoor/indoor activities, nature, history, culture and people of Wisconsin. The magazine buys first rights for print and publication on wisconsintrails.com. All rights revert back to the author upon publication. Writers are paid upon publication. Kill fee is 20 percent of the assignment fee, up to a maximum fee of $75 and will be issued 30 days after the assignment was scheduled for publication. Because the magazine works with professional photographers, writers are not paid for accompanying images or reimbursed for any related expenses. Photos will be credited and the author retains all rights. Mail or e-mail queries are accepted, e-mail does imply a faster response. Do not call to pitch stories or check on the status of a query. Contact Chelsey Lewis, 333 W. State Street, Milwaukee, WI 53201; clewis@wistrails.com. For complete writers’ guidelines, please visit http://www.wisconsintrails.com/content/64.php.

To join the publication’s pool of photographers, send your contact information, including address, phone, e-mail and website to mchristiansen@wistrails.com. Your information will be added to the magazine’s photographer database and you will be added to their photo call e-mail list. For more information on photographers’ guidelines, visit http://www.wisconsintrails.com/content/69.php.

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