Whole Life Times

The bimonthly publication is open to articles pertaining to a progressive, healthy lifestyle. Content is primarily local—issues, events and people in southern California-—but the magazine does publish some stories with a broader focus. Payment is as follows: longer stories (800-1,100 words), $150-200; regular departments, $75-125; short, newsy blurbs (200-400 words), $25-50; and just one personal essay each issue (750 words), $100. Assigned stories have a kill fee of 50 percent of the original fee offered. One-time print rights and non-exclusive perpetual Web publishing rights are purchased. Editor suggests looking at archives for a sense of the magazine’s style and content. For complete submission guidelines, visit http://www.wholelifemagazine.com/writers.php. Queries may be sent via e-mail to abigail@wholelifemagazine.com.

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