Editorial guidelines:
Wend is namely interested in first person accounts of literate adventure travel with a social/anthropological/environmental awareness that permeates throughout the story. Your story should be dripping with passion, with a perspective of the world informed by a big and tolerant global view. Please read the magazine before submitting a query. Simultaneous submissions will be considered. Writers should be transparent about story placement or previous publication. Wend maintains a high standard for journalistic ethics and accuracy, so please have relevant sources available to our editorial department at the time of submission.
Photo guidelines:
Make sure that you have access to photos to accompany your story or access to relevant photographers that we may contact. The magazine prefers to work out compensation with writers/photographers as a package. Occasionally Wend can supply photos, but for the most part, no photos, no deal. In the event the magazine needs to contract for photos independently from writers, adjustments to the writer’s compensation will be reflected in this cost.
Departments include: Now, Current, Footprint, Feast, Platform, Snap, Wanderlust and Solo. For complete descriptions, visit: http://www.wendmag.com/writersguide.
All departments pay 25 cents a word, plus photos. Payment will be made 30-45 days after publication. Rate reflects submissions that require a normal amount of editing. If your story requires a lot of work, Wend pay less. No kill fee. Due to the amount of submissions the magazine gets, it might take some time for a response.
Make contact:
Send two clips of your work, relevant to the story you’re proposing. Send a summary of your experience. Send a brief query summarizing the scope of your story, estimated word count, which department you deem it appropriate for, and an explanation of why you’re qualified to write it. Photo essayists, please give the background of the narrative of your visual story.
All proposals can be sent to: edit@wendmag.com. No phone calls or snail mail, please.

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