Performance Horse

Performance Horse is a national monthly magazine for people involved in, or interested in, reining, cutting, cow horse and ranch versatility events.
Please query before writing or sending an unsolicited manuscript. Queries should consist of an overview of the idea and a brief article outline. If interview subjects are planned, please include their names and qualifications in the overview. Also, mention in query if photos will be provided.
If a query is accepted, the magazine will notify you and set a deadline for the article. Submit articles via e-mail or disk only, using one of the major PC word processing programs. Performance Horse reserves the right to edit all articles according to the magazine’s style. The magazine buys first American serial rights to articles and asks that writers not re-sell articles for a six-month period following publication date. Current rates for new freelancers average $75 to $500 per article. The fee is negotiated with the editor in advance. Payment is made upon receipt of manuscript.
For more information and complete guidelines, visit .

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