High Country News

The magazine will consider well-researched stories on any natural resource or environmental topic, as long as it concerns the West. “Resources” include people, politics, culture and aesthetic values — not just coal, oil and timber.  Ideal magazine articles include strong storytelling, compelling characters, a clear, jargon-free style, and a dedication to intellectual honesty. Submissions are divided into departments (generally 800 to 1,600 words) of which the magazine prints 3 to 6 per issue, and narrative feature stories, from 1,600 to 10,000 words (most commonly 4,000 words), of which one or two are printed per issue.  See http://hcn.org/about/submissions for more specifics.  Pay rates are negotiable based on the writer’s experience and working relationship with the magazine. The magazine pays upon publication and purchases first North American serial rights and the exclusive right to republish and distribute for 90 days.
E-mail queries are preferred; send them to editor@hcn.org and include “Story Query” in the subject line. Ideally, your pitch should explain why your story is appropriate for HCN, which department it fits, how it will advance any previous coverage we’ve done on the topic and how it will differ from stories in other publications. If we haven’t worked with you before, please also include a résumé and clips.

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