The magazine is looking for hunting and fishing stories, particularly feature-length stories of 1,800 words or more. Small game or predator-hunting stories that might interest the more experienced outdoorsmen are of particular interest. No back-to-basics or beginner instruction, please.  Be sure to include enough information in your query so that the editors can determine if the story will be a good fit for their readership.  Include information about what kind of photo support you may provide. FUR-FISH-GAME pays $250 for feature articles with photos and may offer higher pay for articles of special interest.  Shorter stories without photos receive proportionately less pay, but those stories are needed too.
www.furfishgame.com. Write to: Mitch Cox, FUR-FISH-GAME, 2878 Main St., Columbus, OH 42309.
Or e-mail: mitchcox@furfishgame.com.

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