Bugle magazine

Short list with short deadline for the Nov./Dec. 2009 Bugle.
Deadline: Aug.11, 2009.
Wilderness Special Section
Main feature: This feature talks about the attributes of wilderness in regard to ecology, economy, and experience. We will need scenics of Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness, Idaho’s Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, Montana’s Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness in Montana; Wyoming’s Teton Wilderness; Colorado’s Flat Tops Wilderness; Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness; New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness and Nevada’s Table Mountain Wilderness. We’ll also need images of critters that like deep heavy wilderness-lynx, wolverine, elk, etc. Animals must be wild, non-captive, and images should preferably be taken in a wilderness areas.
Accompanying story: The creation of the Scapegoat Wilderness near Lincoln, MT. Old-school photos of a logged over Lincoln-area, scenics of the Scapegoats wilderness area.
Name That Elk Country:
Scenic photos of the Montana’s Missouri River Breaks, namely the Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument area. Close-ups and/or obscured images and wildlife from the area are welcome–we want people to have to guess!
Yellowstone’s Bull #6
This photo essay was moved back to this issue, so for those of you who didn’t submit last time, there’s still time! We mostly need images of him actually thrashing cars, threatening people and other elk, destroying other types of property. Bugle is also looking for videos of Bull #6, in addition to photos.
Please include metadata on all digital file submissions (this can be as simple as just your name and photo credit information). Submissions can be emailed as low res jpgs, mailed on CD to the address below or sent to our FTP site (ask photo editor Randi Mysse Ristau for details).
For more information, contact Randi Mysee Ristau at rmysseristau@rmef.org or (406) 523-4523.
Check out the publication online: http://www.rmef.org/NewsandMedia/PubsTV/Bugle/.

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