Bugle, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Journal of Elk Country and the Hunt, covers issues and stories related to elk hunting, elk habitat conservation, elk natural history and elk management. Editors are looking for talented writers, photographers and videographers in the many corners of elk country for future assignments. Must have a firm grasp of RMEF’s mission and publication style (send $5 for sample copy). Editors are interested in heart-felt manuscripts that examine the thrill of the chase and the defining elements of the hunt, as well as submissions for their long-running “Situation Ethics” column. Conservation-related clips and/or queries should go to Paul Queneau at pqueneau@rmef.org, while general interest and hunting-related stories or queries should go to PJ DelHomme at bugle@rmef.org. While donated manuscripts are appreciated, the publication pays about 30 cents per word. For detailed submission and photo guidelines as well as current photo needs, visit www.rmef.org/NewsandMedia/PubsTV/Bugle. RMEF also has a constant need for excellent elk and elk country photography and high-definition video, especially of habitat loss due to development. Photo and video submissions should go to Photo Editor Randi Mysse Ristau at rmysseristau@rmef.org. Address: Bugle Magazine, RMEF, 5705 Grant Creek Rd.,Missoula, MT 59808.

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