The American Gardener

The magazine is the bimonthly publication of the American Horticultural Society, a nonprofit national membership organization for gardeners.  The magazine introduces its readers – mainly experienced amateur gardeners – to unusual plants, personalities and issues that will enrich an already passionate commitment to gardening.  Particular topics of interest and a breakdown of departments frequently filled by freelancers are available at  The editors do not accept proposals by phone, e-mail; nor do they accept simultaneous submissions. Payment for feature articles (roughly 1,500 to 2,500 words) is $300 to $500 upon publication.  Reimbursement for travel and other expenses can sometimes be negotiated at the time an article is accepted. Payment for departments ranges from $200 to $300 dollars.  The American Gardener rarely purchases second rights to articles and pays a 25 percent kill fee if the writer has completed revisions of the text requested by the editorial staff, and the article is still for any reason unacceptable.  Write to: The American Gardener, American Horticultural Society, 7931 East Boulevard Dr., Alexandria, VA 22308.

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