The magazine is Denver’s premier guide to the arts, entertainment, dining, and lifestyle issues in the Mile-High City. The best places for new writers to break into the magazine are its Profiles (800-1,000 words), Getaways (1,000 words), or Atmosphere (300-400 words) sections. You can also propose feature stories (2,000-4,000 words), though these assignments are less likely to go to newcomers. Submit a brief query that succinctly summarizes your idea and explains why you’re the writer to bring the story to our readers. E-mail the appropriate editor after reading his or her bio on the meet the editors page at www.5280.com. Queries should propose stories with a specific angle, not just a broad topic. Almost any topic is fair game, provided that it has a strong connection to life in Denver or Colorado. Keep in mind that 5280’s readership is generally affluent and well-educated. Include published clips. Once assigned a story, you will be required to sign a contract which grants 5280 Publishing, Inc. first-time North American rights to publish the article in both print and electronic formats. Fees for articles vary, depending on writer and piece. Find more information at www. 5280.com/about_guidelines.php.

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