Off-Piste magazine

Off-Piste seeks written submissions and queries that relate to backcountry skiing. The magazine strives to move beyond standard trip narratives and look for tales of adventure, hindsight and ski culture offering unique perspectives or voice. Also, Off-Piste accepts photographic submissions. High-contrast, clean images that reproduce well in grayscale are required. Interesting light, action, motion and a backcountry setting are key elements. In addition to action, photos of backcountry culture/ lifestyle and avalanche-related images are needed. The editors accept original images in sleeves or low-resolution (72 dpi) or high-resolution (300 dpi) scans on CD or via e-mail. Buys one-time rights. Contact the editors at Off-Piste, P.O. Box 1626, Hood River, OR 97031; 509-999-2208;;

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