Media company geared toward Rocky Mountain West accepts articles, photographs and multimedia submissions.
This next-generation media company is dedicated to the culture, economy, politics, environment and lifestyle of the Rocky Mountain West. The main topics covered by New West broadly include culture, politics, growth, demographics, energy, environmental issues, new economy (tech, biotech, venture capital etc.), tourism and travel, lifestyle, outdoors, wildlife, Western literature, film and food. This outlet pays by the story and payment ranges from $50 for smaller, local stories to up to $500 for more complicated, regional pieces. To pitch them a news or feature story present 1) your proposal, 2) what reporting you’ve already done, 3) how you to expect to proceed with the story and 4) what you see the hook being in the project. Also include any writing samples you might have and tell them a little bit about yourself and why you’re the right person to report and write your story. Photography and multimedia is encouraged. New West purchases first North American serial and electronic rights. See New West’s Writer’s Guidelines page ( for more details on writing for them. All queries should be sent via e-mail to Further contact information can be found on the Contact Us ( page. Visit

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