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You are invited to submit your very best photos for the 2017 all-photo issue.
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Dear photographers,
You are invited to submit your very best photos for the 2017 all-photo issue. We will select images that present our readers with a compelling view of Montana’s outdoors, highlight great photography, and represent the hard work and creativity of the photographer. A­s you select your images, we invite you to be your most discerning critic. Submit just 10 images that you believe showcase the wildness, beauty, and magic of Montana’s outdoors, and your best work. A PDF of this photo call is also attached, should you wish to print out a copy.
Your images must stand out to make our initial cut. We look for photos that evoke an emotional response from the viewer. We select images that possess the technical qualities of an outstanding photograph: tones and hues across the color spectrum, masterful use of light and focus, great composition, unique angles and perspectives, and images that provide a fresh view of familiar subjects. We also look for images that demonstrate the photographer’s thoughtfulness, artistry, and hard work.
Please make sure your submissions conform to the general scope of Montana Outdoors: nature, wildlife, habitat, fishing and hunting, flora, outdoor recreation, seasons, weather, and geology.
Please review our updated photographer guidelines before sending your selections:  (found under “Contact Us”).

  • Submissions of more than ten images will be disqualified and not considered. High-res images must be submitted on a CD or USB flash drive and mailed to: Montana Outdoors, Attn: Luke Duran, 930 West Custer Ave., PO Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620-0701
  • Location: All images, of course, must have been photographed in Montana.
  • Caption info: Please include detailed metadata in your files that describe the photo, time of year, and any other background information you would like to share. We use this information for captions, credits, and keywords, and it increases the likelihood of your photos being selected. If you are able, please embed the keyword JF17 in your metadata. Your photos should include the general location (mountain range, river, county, valley, etc.). Readers often question whether the photos are in fact shot in Montana. If it’s a secret spot, at least mention the county.
  • Yellowstone: Images photographed in Yellowstone National Park will NOT be accepted unless they were shot within the extreme north and west boundaries that fall within Montana’s borders.­­
  • “Honesty:” We do our best to not feature photos of subject or captive wildlife from game farms. Please only submit images of animals photographed in the wild. We also try to avoid images that are digitally manipulated and/or visually exaggerated. A little exposure, level or color adjustment is okay, but please do not send us retouched images that have digital sampling to remove unwanted elements or artifacts, or images that have a “silvery” tone or artificial-looking high dynamic range.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions. The images that appear in the magazine are but a small representation of the thousands of outstanding photographs that cross our desk each year. Thank you for sending us your best images, and for sharing your creativity and talents to make our magazine a nationally recognized, award-winning publication.
Best wishes, and good luck!
Luke Duran, Art Director
PLEASE NOTE: Digital submissions physically mailed to us on CD or USB flash drives only.
 Do not e-mail photos to us. Please review our updated submission guidelines for details at:
DEADLINE: RECEIVED BY FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2016. Late submissions will not be considered.

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