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MidWest Outdoors is interested in where-to-go and how-to articles on outdoor recreation in the Midwest – an area encompassing a 10- to 15-hour drive from Chicago.
Material should provide information the outdoorsman can use in his or her immediate vicinity and on areas they can travel to on weekends or a short vacation. The accent in MidWest Outdoors is on fishing, hunting and camping. Related subjects are hunting dogs, archery, boats, snowmobiling, shooting, outdoor cooking or wild game cooking and canoeing.
A few special edition subject deadlines include:

Ice Breakers – The most comprehensive ice fishing info in the Midwest. Deadline: Oc. 1 plus expanded ice fishing coverage in November, December, January and February issues.
Canada Fever – The only three months MidWest Outdoors features Canadian editorials. Deadlines: Nov. 1, Dec. 1 and Jan. 1.
Cabin & Vacation – This section will be loaded with articles and tips on enjoying the cabin and vacation home experience. Deadline: March 1.
Spring fishing articles should be submitted in January, February and March; fall hunting articles in July and August. Illinois turkey hunting, for example, is in April, but turkey stories should be printed as early as February because that’s when hunters must apply for permits. Submissions for the main section should be sent 35 days preceding publication. For the Illinois sections, submissions should be sent on the fifth of the month preceding publication. Any material accepted is subject to such revision as is necessary to meet the requirements of MidWest Outdoors. Manuscripts and photos not used will be returned if a stamped, self-addressed envelope is provided, but they assume no responsibility for lost materials. Articles should include the title on each page with an overline or subtitle (example: Walleye Hotspot – Fox River Spring Madness). Also include a byline and page number on each page as well as social security number. If you submit a timely item, please indicate the month in which it should run. If you make an editorial submission to MidWest Outdoors and it is not returned in 30 days, you can assume that MidWest Outdoors plans to use it. However, they do keep some material for as long as 12 to 18 months before using it. Your best way of knowing if your editorial is used is if you receive payment from MidWest Outdoors. Payment will be issued promptly after a submission has run in the magazine. MidWest Outdoors Magazine receives a very large volume of editorial submissions daily. Therefore, a call to our office asking about the status of an article will not receive an immediate response. For story illustration, MidWest Outdoors accepts color or black-and-white photos or color slides. Digital photos are also accepted. Send no more than three to four photos per story, and place your return address on the back of the photo if you want it returned. Captions must also be written on the back of the photos or on a separate caption sheet. Please indicate the title of the article the photos will illustrate. When emailing photos, please make sure the photos are 5-by- 5-inches minimum, 200 pixels per inch, and 1000-by- 1000-pixels from your input device – scanner, digital camera, etc., and not from a graphics program. MidWest Outdoors purchases First North American serial rights, and payment is a flat rate, discussed upon author inquiry.
If MidWest Outdoors does not plan to use your material, it will be returned to you within 10 days of receipt or you will be contacted via e-mail.
Send all materials to: 111 Shore Drive, Burr Ridge, IL 60527-5885 Contact info: phone, 630-887-7722; fax, 630-887-1958; e-mail, info@midwestoutdoors.com.

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