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Use of OWAA Intellectual Property

All Supporting Groups and Individual Members are entitled to reasonable and prudent use of our membership mailing list. If you are a current member or supporting, log in to the members-area for more details on using the mailing list. If you are not currently a member or supporter, learn more about joining OWAA to take advantage of this and other benefits.

Board of Directors Revised Policy, adopted June 2015

This policy addresses all uses of intellectual property belonging to Outdoor Writers Association of America, including its Directory, mailing lists, website, logos, copyrights, and trademarks. Proper use of these items of intellectual property is encouraged by OWAA members and others, and this is considered an important benefit of membership in and affiliation with OWAA.

All members of OWAA and all Supporters who have paid the current standard annual fee for affiliation (“current Supporters”) are granted limited licenses for certain uses of intellectual property as described in this policy. Any use not permitted explicitly in this policy is prohibited unless granted by action of the OWAA Board. By making any use of OWAA’s intellectual property, OWAA members and Supporters and other permitted users agree to the terms of this limited license and policy. This policy may be amended at any time by the OWAA Board, but amendments will apply only to uses of OWAA intellectual property thereafter. Those not abiding by this policy may be denied future use of OWAA’s property, be subjected to financial charges, or be subjected to charges of breaching OWAA’s Code of Ethics where appropriate.

OWAA’s Executive Director is authorized to provide services necessary to facilitate permitted uses of OWAA’s intellectual property, collect charges for such use where appropriate and authorized, and enforce this policy as necessary.

OWAA Logos

OWAA has two official logos, both of which are registered trademarks belonging to OWAA.

A limited license for use of either of OWAA’s logos is granted to each member of OWAA and each current Supporter, on the following terms. Use of the logos is not granted to others.

A member of OWAA in any class of membership may use either OWAA logo on his or her letterhead, web site, blog, and other electronic or print publications, but must always do so accompanied by identification of his or her membership class, being one of the following: “Active Member,” “Associate Member,” “Student Member,” “Life Member,” or “Honorary Member.”

A current Supporter may use either OWAA logo on his, her, or its electronic and print publications and trade displays, but must always do so accompanied by the word “Supporter.”

Each logo use must identify the logo as a trademark of OWAA, which may be accomplished by use of the symbol ® with the logo.

Neither OWAA members nor current Supporters may use OWAA logos in any way that suggests OWAA endorses products, positions, or events.

OWAA copyrights

To the extent permitted by copyright law, OWAA claims copyright to its website and all its electronic and print publications. Any use of such materials not permitted by this policy, by aspects of copyright law such as the fair use doctrine, or by explicit decision of the OWAA Board is considered an infringing use.

Copyright ownership for many things published by OWAA belongs to others, usually its volunteer members. If permission to use such material is desired, it must be sought from the copyright owner, usually the author, photographer, or artist. All employees, independent contractors, and volunteers working on the OWAA website, however, grant all rights to OWAA absent a written agreement to the contrary.

OWAA Directory and Mailing Lists

The OWAA Directory and mailing lists for members and Supporters are proprietary to OWAA. Members, current Supporters, and others are permitted to make the following uses of them.

Members and current Supporters may use the Directory and Mailing Lists for group US Mail or electronic mail contacts of all members without additional charges. Any such use by a member to promote products or services must be the products or services of the member or of an entity in which the member owns a majority interest.

Others may make US Mail or electronic mail contacts of all members, for a charge of $375 for each such use. This charge may be adjusted by the Board from time to time.

Each use of the Directory or mailing list to contact OWAA members shall allow members to opt out of receiving future contacts from the user.

OWAA’s membership list and its mailing lists are not to be incorporated into the user’s own mailing list.

Customized membership or mailing lists and preprinted mailing labels are all available for a charge by contacting OWAA headquarters.

OWAA uses security measures to detect unauthorized uses. Each unauthorized use of the OWAA Directory or OWAA mailing list will incur a fee of not less than $1,000, which may be adjusted from time to time by the Board.

No one using OWAA’s Directory or mailing lists shall supply them to others or duplicate them except for the limited uses permitted by this policy.

To request a copy of the Intellectual Property Guidelines or for more information, contact Jessica Seitz at jseitz[at] or 406-728-7434.




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