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Past webinar recordings


Using Creativity to Improve your Work (9/8/2016)
What is creativity? How can you be creative? Creativity means different things to different people. However, being truly creative means being able to expressive oneself artistically. Communication and interpretation play a big part in this process. Using his photos as examples, Nikhil will share his thoughts and ideas on creativity and inspire you to push beyond the literal. This webinar is sponsored by Hunts Photo and Video.

charles-king-webinar-headshotCapturing and using audio from the field (5/15/2016)
During this webinar we will go over how to capture quality off camera audio for both environmental and natural sound as well as audio for that you are filming. After going over how to properly capture the audio we will demonstrate how you sync that audio with your video in post production using several different methods using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The final step will be round tripping the audio from Adobe Premiere to Adobe Audition to sweeten and enhance the audio which will include noise removal and returning the audio back to Adobe Premiere Pro. This webinar is sponsored by Hunts Photo and Video.

mike-moats-webinar-headshotThe Reality of Making Money as a Nature Photographer (2/17/16)
In three short years photographer Mike Moats went from a self-taught macro photographer to a full time pro. He covers the real story on the challenges of making money as a nature photographer from selling to teaching. This webinar is sponsored by Hunts Photo and Video.



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