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Please send headquarters your book/video listing, following the template below:


By Author’s Name, publisher, publisher’s address; contact’s phone number, contact’s e-mail address and/or website address, book format (hardcover, softcover, paperback, etc.), number of pages e.g. (255 pp.), number of photographs e.g. (56 color photos); price.

Review: In order to accommodate as many members’ submissions as possible, please keep submissions less than 100 words.


The Books & Videos section of Outdoors Unlimited® offers members the opportunity to share reviews and order information about new publications and videos.

In an effort to include as many reviews as possible each month, members are being asked to streamline the submission process by emailing or mailing finished reviews.

Submitting reviews that include the necessary contacts, ordering information, prices, special notes about ordering review copies, phone numbers, email, etc., should allow authors and publishers to communicate their most important points and ensure the accuracy of contact information.

Submissions should be emailed to Publications Editor Brian Hartz at bhartz[at]

Announce your news and achievements in OU

Please send members news press releases to Publications Editor Brian Hartz at bhartz[at]

Member news is published in the News Brief section of Outdoor Unlimited® Online to keep all members and supporters up-to-date on member happenings.

News Briefs announce awards, recognition, job changes, events and more that members would like to share.

Supporting Group, Business and Agency news can be found in the Supporting Group News Tips section.

Send members mail or email about your latest ventures

All Supporting Groups and Individual Members are entitled to use of our membership mailing list.

Use this list to send an email blast or mail a flyer or sample to OWAA members.

Electronic copies of the membership list can be obtained from OWAA HQ following the return of the OWAA Intellectual Property Use Guidelines form.

For more information on obtaining the OWAA membership list, visit Membership Mailing List Usage or contact OWAA Membership Coordinator Jessica Seitz at jseitz[at] or 406-728-7434.

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