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Use of Mailing Insigne

OWAA has two official logos, both of which are registered trademarks belonging to OWAA.

A limited license for use of either of OWAA’s logos is granted to each member of OWAA and each current Supporter, on the following terms. Use of the logos is not granted to others.

A member of OWAA in any class of membership may use either OWAA logo on his or her letterhead, website, blog, and other electronic or print publications, but must always do so accompanied by identification of his or her membership class, being one of the following: “Active Member,” “Associate Member,” “Student Member,” “Life Member,” or “Honorary Member.”

A current Supporter may use either OWAA logo on his, her, or its electronic and print publications and trade displays, but must always do so accompanied by the word “Supporter.”

Each logo use must identify the logo as a trademark of OWAA, which may be accomplished by use of the symbol ® with the logo.

Neither OWAA members nor current Supporters may use OWAA logos in any way that suggests OWAA endorses products, positions, or events.

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