May 2012

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Oldies but goodies from the OU archives:

  • Let nothing evade your eyes — by Joel Vance. The great satirist of the 1950s Tom Lehrer sang, “Plagiarize! Plagiarize! Let nothing evade your eyes!” Is this good advice for the outdoor writer?
  • Lightroom: An outdoor photographer’s one-stop photoshop — by Paul Queneau. Even with Lightroom, editing hundreds of photos at a go is still a bear. But what you get from your labor is highly organized, searchable and beautifully developed images …
  • Getting on an editor’s good side — by PJ DelHomme, Bugle magazine hunting editor. Here are 10 tips that I provide our potential writers hoping to publish a story in Bugle. Maybe they can help you.

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A note about the new publication schedule for Outdoors Unlimited:
In February, the Board of Directors approved a new publication schedule for Outdoors Unlimited. This includes increasing the frequency of the printed version of Outdoors Unlimited! We’re expanding from a quarterly print publication to bimonthly. Five issues will be published in 2012; six issues will be published annually beginning in 2013. Its online counterpart, OU Online, will remain. During the “off months,” like this month, we’ll publish a smaller set of articles and updates like what is listed above. And we’ll continue with the daily updates to the Outdoor Alerts news feed on the homepage of OU Online, plus frequent Outdoor Market posts, too.
If you have any questions about this new plan for OU, please contact me at aschroeder[at]
Ashley Schroeder, OWAA Publications and Communications Director


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