Market Tracker: Destination Fish, Badger Sportsman

This is a roundup of problematic outdoor markets, based on reports from OWAA members.

By Kevin Rhoades, Executive Director
Destination Fish – A member has registered a complaint against this publication last known to be based in Lighthouse Point, Fla., which ceased publication last year. Original, color transparencies were submitted to Destination Fish, some of which were published in the winter 2007 issue. After repeated requests for the return of 20 original transparencies, including requests with two editors employed by Destination Fish at the time, and most recently with the publisher, the transparencies had not been returned nor had an amicable resolution been reached.
Badger Sportsman – A member has filed a complaint against this Chilton, Wis., magazine for not receiving payment for columns written since July 2008. An August 2009 letter was written by the publication’s editor to its contributors, the editor requesting all writers owed to submit invoices for what was thought due. Responding to the member’s complaint, Badger Sportsman called OWAA headquarters and said it would promptly pay the complainant. After three weeks, no payment had been received. Footnote: The Badger Sportsman, in its August letter, said it was unable to pay cash for articles. ◊

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