Canadian Fly Fisher

The magazine considers editorial content from freelancers that is distinctly Canadian. This does not mean that the author or the location being written about have to be Canadian; what is important is that there is a clear and uncontrived Canadian connection. Writing should generate a strong sense of place and experience. The text should be information-rich and aimed at the average to above-average fly fisher, except for “The Absolute Beginner.” Advertorials should be avoided. Where possible and appropriate, provide as much sidebar and visual information as possible (maps, diagrams, fly patterns, where to stay, techniques, etc.)
Features range from 1800 – 2500 words. “Wandering Aengus” and similar shorter pieces range from 700 – 900 words. Canadian Fly Fisher encourages writers to use a strong voice and clear organization.
Email attachments in Word or Word Perfect are preferred; More information about specific submission and style guidelines is available at
First-time writers must include a 50-70 word bio with their query. Canadian Fly Fisher purchases first time North American serial rights, plus the right to publish excerpts on its Web site. Pay is between $150 and $300 for major features and super features with quality supporting photos and graphics. Canadian Fly Fisher pays between $100 and $200 for shorter pieces. Checks are issued within 60 days of article or submission.
E-mail queries can be sent to editor Chris Marshall at Send queries by mail to Chris Marshall c/o Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine, 256 1/2 Front St. 2nd Floor,, Belleville, Ontario, K8N 2Z2.

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