Arkansas Sportsman

Arkansas Sportsman is one of 28 state or regional magazines published by Game & Fish Magazines, an InterMedia Outdoors company. These guidelines apply to all G&F Magazines.

Game & Fish Magazines are designed to provide hunters and anglers with practical articles about where, when and how to enjoy the best hunting and fishing opportunities in their state. Most articles fall into two categories: state-specific feature or multi-state feature. Queries are preferred rather than unsolicited manuscripts. Submit seasonal topics at least eight months in advance. Queries and manuscripts are not returned unless they include a pre-addressed, stamped envelope. To submit e-mail queries, contact editorial coordinator Claire Randle ( for specific state editors and their e-mail addresses. Most articles run either 1,500 or 2,500 words in length, including any sidebars.
Game & Fish purchases First North American Serial Rights to articles and one-time rights to photographs, as well as non-exclusive electronic rights to both. Payments are mailed prior to the publication date. Game & Fish pays separately for photographs and manuscripts, so it is to the author’s advantage to provide subject-specific photos to accompany any manuscript.
Our manuscript payments for state-specific articles are: 1,500-word slot ($150); 2,000-word slot ($175); 2,400-word slot ($200). For multi-state (regional) articles, manuscript payments are: 1,500-word slot ($225); 2,000-word slot ($250); 2,400-word slot ($275).  Some national articles pay more. Photo payments are in addition to manuscript payments.
Photo payments*:  Primary cover image ($250), other color usage ($75); black & white usage ($25).   *Regardless of how many times it is used that month.
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