Kayak Angler

Outdoor Market - writingKayak Angler celebrates the intersection of fishing and paddlesports.The readership ranges from first-timers on up to salt-stained hot sticks — anyone who loves to fish from a chunk of plastic or composite.
Kayak Angler publishes four issues annually, in February (Spring), May (Summer) August (Fall) and November (Winter). They do most of their editorial scheduling in September for the upcoming year, but do accept submissions at any time.
The magazine is open to ideas, but flip through one or more of their recent issues first. It’s the best way to understand the magazine’s format, subject matter and style. All back issues of the magazine are available online for free at www.kayakanglermag.com.
Kayak Angler is always in the market for articles that have depth, emotional impact and take-away value for the reader, complemented by striking photos.
The best way to assess their interest in your idea is to send a brief summary of your idea — a query. Queries should present a clear and specific idea, not merely a general topic, and should reflect familiarity with the magazine’s content and tone. Kayak Angler will rarely consider a story without good photos, and will occasionally buy a story based on exceptional photos alone. Be prepared to supply or source professional-quality, high-resolution digital images to accompany your article.
They will reply to your query within eight weeks if they are interested in your idea.
Writers submitting story ideas should be aware that the editors at Kayak Angler may already have assigned or be working on a similar story.
For complete query requirements and more information about about magazine’s contents, please contact ric@rapidmedia.com to receive a copy of the magazine’s complete editorial guidelines.
Kayak Angler requires that you inform editors if your submission, or any portion or concept of your submission, has been previously published or is being considered for publication elsewhere. They also require that you inform us as to any flights, accommodations, meals, etc. that were given to you free of charge as part of a familiarization or press trip.
They pay contributors a pre-negotiated rate of up to $0.20 per word depending on length, content and quality. Payment is within 45 days following the release date of the issue in which the material appears. The magazine buys first North American print rights as well as the right to reproduce the original publication by any means or technology for their promotional purposes including indefinite publication on the Internet as part of their online edition. Details are outlined in Kayak Angler’s contributor agreement.

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