June/July 2013 issue

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7 … What I learned writing an op-ed for a major newspaper by Al Cambronne
8 … Writing for television, part one by Karen Loke

9 … Pro ready cameras at amateur prices by Paul Queneau
10 … Hide not thy light beneath a basketby Sam Caldwell
11 … Catflight by Ted Williams
19 … Are you branded? — by Mary J. Nickum

20 … Sea turtles and sanity by Matt Miller

Also in this month’s issue:
4 … President’s Message
5 … From the Executive Director’s Desk
6 … Results from 2013 OWAA Elections
12 … Departments
16 … Portfolio
21 … 2013 Madson Fellowship Recipients
22 … Product Review
23 … 2013 Conference Preview
And more!
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