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Association update for June

New Members

  • Joseph M. Brooks
  • Carey M. Kish
  • Lydia Lohrer-Bevier
  • Philip Quade
  • Ashley Schroeder
  • Jacob R. Schwaller
  • Matthew K. Straw

Proposed New Members

  • DeBoer, Travis R., P.O. Box 450, 202 Spaulding Avenue, Winchester, ID 83555. (H) 208-924-8685, travisrdeboer@hotmail.com, www.guerillaguideservice.com. Regular contributor to Big Sky Outdoor News, Washington and Oregon Game & Fish. Built and maintain the outdoor website, www.guerillaguideservice.com. (Julie Seid) Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Jack Ballard.
  • Piersma, Bradley, 1001 Park Lane, Stevensville, MT 59870. (H) 406-240-9224, bjpiersma@yahoo.com. Semi-retired carpenter with lots of hunting and fishing stories stuck in my head. Current student of the North American School of Outdoor Writing. (Martha) Applying for Student Membership; sponsored by Roger Brunt.
  • Sali, Wade, P.O. Box 190, Rural Route 2, Suite 200, Regina, SK S4P2Z2 Canada. (H) 306-359-1825, (W) 306-351-8587, wadesali@gmail.com. Growing up in Saskatchewan, Wade developed a love of the outdoors. Currently a student of the North American School of Outdoor Writing. (Cindy) Applying for Student Membership; sponsored by Roger Brunt.
  • Wright, Eric, 4275 200th Lane NE, East Bethel, MN 55092-8527. (H) 763-434-3075, butternutfarms@q.com. With a Bachelor’s of Science in geology, Wright has decided to expand himself into outdoor writing to share his interest with others. Current student of the North American School of Outdoor Writing. (Heicke) Applying for Student Membership; sponsored by Roger Brunt.

Reinstated Members

Rick Combs, 7289 Anderson Woods Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45244. (H) 513-231-1455, (W) 513-260-7213, rcombs6@cinci.rr.com. Field editor, Bowhunting World. Co-host, “Big Outdoors,” WLW radio (Cincinnati). Freelance writer/photographer with credits in most major outdoor pubs. Book author. PR/ad consultant.
Betty Wills, Earthwave Society, 16151 Hwy. 377 South, Fort Worth, TX 76126. (H) 817-443-0258, (W) 817-443-0258, (F) 817-443-0258, betwills@mac.com. Writer, director and producer: TV and video, public TV documentaries, various outdoor programs. Specialties include underwater video and photography, fish, wildlife, environmental programs, PSAs, presentation videos, special interest videos, commercials. Reinstated Active membership.

New Supporting Groups, Agencies and Businesses

  • Custom Cottages Inc., 1127 Harrison Street, Shakopee, MN 55379. Contact: Eric Bongard, Owner. (W) 612-221-3214, ericb@customcottagesinc.com, www.customcottagesinc.com. Aluminum mobile shelters for those who enjoy fishing, hunting and camping.
  • Global Outfitters, Inc., 7500 Memorial Parkway South, Suite 115P, Huntsville, AL 35802. Contact: Sam Hall, president, (W) 256-585-1677, (F) 256-858-1679, samhall@globaloutfitters.com, www.globaloutfitters.com. Travel site, TV show, interactive web portal for hunting, fishing and shooting.
  • Lake of the Woods Tourism, P.O. Box 518, Baudette, MN 56623. Contact: Jenna Walton, Executive Director. (W) 218-634-1174, (F) 218-634-2915, jenna@lakeofthewoodsmn.com, www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com. Promoter of Lake of the Woods as a hunting and fishing destination. We offer world class fishing and first class accomodations.
  • Ram Trucks, 1000 Chrysler Drive, CIMS 485-06-48, Auburn Hills, MI 48326. Contact: David Elshoff, Head of Communications. (W) 248-512-2690, (F) 248-512-1756, dte@chrysler.com, www.media.chrysler.com; www.ramtrucks.com. The Ram Truck brand offers a full line-up of award-winning trucks. From the refinement of the Ram 1500 to the durability of its heavy duty pickups and chassis cab trucks, Ram builds and sells trucks that appeal to both the sportsman and the workplace.

Credentials Reviews

The following members have successfully passed the review of their member credentials:

  • Bill Graham
  • Bill Hilts, Jr.

Contact Updates

  • Mule Deer Foundation, 1939 S 4130 W, Suite H, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Deceased Member

  • Margie Rogers


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